A tractor is a big investment for any farmer who wants it agricultural dreams to be fulfilled. Getting a tractor have becoming easier but to maintain it, it’s a complete job in itself. To make sure,your tractor gives you all the benefit you want from it, you must become an expert in maintaining your tractor.

It’s essential to keep your tractor in top shape to make the most of a successful harvest. You have to invest a significant amount of your time for maintenance. Everyone have their own tips and trick to maintain their tractors and equipment so here are some tips that will help you maintain your tractor in a good condition.

  • Understand your machine:

After buying a tractor, you must know and understand your tractor to get the most out of it and it will be your key to maintain your tractor. To understand it, you must go through the owner’s manual in which all the specifications and features will be mentioned and that way you’ll know everything about your tractor and how to use and maintain it.

  • Having the set of Maintenance tools:

Once you have your tractor, you’ll need a set of particular tools because the tractors maintenance tools are different than the other vehicles. So, make sure you have the desired tool for your tractor.

  • Regular checks of fluids:

Before taking your tractor to work, you must check the fluid levels in your tractor to avoid any mishap due to a leakage in any part, some of the fluids must be checked like the engine oil, coolant, battery electrolyte, transmission fluid, the hydraulic oil and any other mentioned in the manual. Checking the fluids regularly can save you from a big loss.

  • Keep an eye on Brakes and Tires:

Before heading out, always check the pressure on tires as well as look for any damage, leakage or wearing out of tire because tires are responsible to keep your tractor moving and any issue could lead to an unnecessary problems like spinning on soil, wasted fuel and the tires will wear out fast. Brakes are mostly automatic in tractors so you must check that if they are properly working and lubricated because damaged brakes could cause a big problem.

  • Check your filters:

Tractors work in fields which means more dirt and dust, it can lead to blockage of the filters. These blockage or pollution in the filter can result in to a mechanisms failure, that’s why filter must be checked and cleaned often to avoid any problem.

  • Look for loose attachments:

You should always look around your tractor to see if all the attachments and bolts are in the proper shape and place. If you see any faulty pin or bolt, tight it or change so it could not cause any damage to the tractor in the future.

  • Protect your tractor

You should always keep your tractor lubricated in order for it to work efficiently. Always clean the moving parts and take the top quality oils to grease them. Protect your tractor from rain or any natural hazard by keeping them under the shed or covering them after the use. Always clean your tractor either at the end of the day or before going out, it will help in finding any issues beforehand and will help increasing the tractor life.

  • Start your tractor

After taking care of all the above tips, before taking your tractor to work, start your tractor and check if its working properly or look for any abnormalities in the engine sound or any other thing that is different than normal to be properly sure.

Anyone using a tractor can have their maintenance checklist according to their routine. But make sure to check your tractor in a week or so to avoid any permanent damage.

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