Commercial Snail Farming in Nigeria is gaining popularity because it’s a profitable business with the small capital requirement and needs a very short time in getting your return on investments.

The market prospects for snail farming in Nigeria and Africa are enormous, as snails are a significant part of the diet in many parts of Africa, due to their distinctive taste and nutritional value.

Land snail is an easily available and inexpensive source of high levels of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A with very low-fat content. Snail meat is suggested for anemia patients due to its nutrients.

There are many reasons to move towards the Snail farming business in Nigeria, such as:

  • Snails are hermaphrodites – both sexes in 1 shell, and they cross-fertilize, which makes them highly reproductive.
  • Single snail can lay eggs 6 times a year. Every time over 100 eggs are laid by a single snail.
  • Snail meat is in demand because it is packed with high nutritional elements such as iron, protein, calcium, and phosphorus with low cholesterol and fat content, making it a safe and healthy choice for all.
  • Snail meat is very delicious and loved by people all over Nigeria.
  • The demand and the market for snails is huge in Nigeria and across Africa, and supplies are not yet meeting the demand that allows filling the void by starting the snail farming business in Nigeria and distributing snails both locally and internationally.
  • Snail farming business in Nigeria has a promising future as long as responsible snail growth and consumption continue, demand for snails will only increase.
  • Commercial snail-farming in Nigeria will have a positive impact on the Nigerian economy and will help you earn more.
  • Snail Farming in Nigeria will provide people with easy access to a snail, and help minimize the imports of frozen meat.
  • Snail Farming in Nigeria will create employment opportunities.
  • Snail farming business in Nigeria requires less capital investment with low operating cost.
  • Early profits are made in this business and it is less risky than other livestock businesses.
  • Each part of the snail body can be used.
  • Snail Farming can be started with your existing job as snails don’t require a lot of attention.
  • Snail farming isn’t time-taking with no smell, no noise, and no irritation.
  • They feed and play around in the night, as a result, feeding is usually once a day.
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