A farmer can earn more money by growing more crops while spending less. He must also improve agriculture yields. How?
Grow more crops!

A farmer can boost agricultural yields by increasing water availability. There are four techniques to increase water availability: watershed development, big irrigation projects, groundwater extraction, and other methods including lift irrigation.

Better crop yields can also improve revenue. A farmer can increase yields by using strategies like rice intensification, higher-yielding seeds, better fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and technology like drip irrigation. However, implementing these strategies may be difficult due to a lack of farmer knowledge, cost, and risk-taking ability.
How to boost yield?

A farmer’s crop travels through many hands before reaching the customer. A farmer may only receive a small percentage of the ultimate price. Farmers also have limited bargaining power, lack of storage facilities, and financial capability. So is the MSP, which only works for wheat and paddy crops.
What can be done by farmers?

Farmers that want to be successful can adopt the collectivization model. Even if it comes with its problems, if farmers work together, this one most important step will enable them to:

Optimally utilize common resources such as water.
Collaborate and acquire knowledge for growing higher-yielding crops at a lower cost
Share infrastructure such as storage
Negotiate for higher crop prices with buyers and lower input prices with sellers

Models of collectivization include

Political parties, organizations of people who support a particular political cause.
Private players that can farm on a contract basis.
Companies that manufacture products (formed by the farmers themselves)
Leasing Of Land

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