The Face of Agric Reality TV Show 2020

The media and entertainment industry has become the most reliable source of awareness on important issues. To shift the perception of young people on agriculture and to inspire them to spend more time and money in agriculture, the Nigerian entertainment industry has come up with a first-ever tv show titledThe Face of Agric Reality TV Show‘ that will focus exclusively on agriculture.

How “The Face of Agric Reality TV Show” will help the young Nigerians?

The Face of Agric Reality TV show will focus solely on agriculture. It will help all the people of Nigeria but will focus mainly on young Nigerians to discover and harness the full potential of agriculture and its significance to the nation. It’s the first TV show ever to showcase only agriculture. The media projects have influenced most of the youth in one way or another, so to draw the young generation of Nigerians to the agricultural industry, The Face of Agric Reality TV show has been launched and people living in urban areas of Nigeria would be the target audience for this show.

One of the basic and most important needs of any country is its agricultural industry. To satisfy its food requirements or to have a prosperous economy, the agriculture sector must be strong and productive. With a growing population, there is a need for more food and a stable economy, for which the present situation is not admirable. More emphasis on the agriculture sector will help Diversify the economy and give the much-needed boost to the Nigerian Economy.

There is a misconception among Nigerian youth living in cities that working in the agricultural sector is only suitable for people living in rural areas, even those with degrees in agricultural studies. This television show will help shift the mindset of young people living in urban areas about agriculture is and will inspire them to shift towards the agricultural sector.

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