What is chisel plough?

Chisel plough is a common farm implement used for deep tilling that cause little soil disruption. It is manufactured and supplied by the best tractors company called Agroasia tractors. The primary function of chisel plough for sale is to aerate and loosen soil by spreading crop residue over the soil surface.


There are various things you need to check before buying a chisel plough for your farm. Hence, it has significant affect on how better your farming activities go, so you need to buy a brand-new chisel plough for sale from Agroasia tractors for affordable price range that ensure better farm productivity.

  • It is helpful in aeration and loosens the soil that decreases the compaction.
  • The chisel plough manufactured by Agroasia tractors are available in 2 furrows to 5 furrows which help in pulling capacity.
  • The chisel plough prevents the development of surface crust.
  • It decreases the time required for cultivation allowing the farmers to cover wide area of farms and fields in lesser time.
  • The chisel plough for sale is used in loosening the soil, weeding and tilling the farm land.
  • It also prevents the farm from weeds and trash.
  • Chisel plough utilize the robust technology that significantly lowers the possibility of break down in farming.


  • No of tine : 2-5
  • Total width 7570 mm
  • Maximum working depth : 22-25 cm
  • It can hold weight of 225 to 360 kg
  • Tractor compatibility: 50 hp onwards
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