Precautionary measures for farmers working amidst the COVID-19

The significance and requirement of Agriculture are not hidden from anyone, and even in these tough times, farmers working in the field are considered essential. Some farmers live in small and crowded homes, and the concern has been raised that if COVID-19 catches only one farmer, it is likely to spread rapidly and will be difficult to control within the close-knit farming community.

The need for food is vital for every living being. With COVID-19 haunting and taking away the lives and livelihoods of many people, farmers around the world must take precautionary measures in order to survive the pandemic themselves and provide the world with food.

Agro Asia Tractors cares for the wellbeing of farmers around the world and although no vaccine currently exists to prevent Coronavirus, these simple preventive measures gathered by the team of Agro Asia Tractors against COVID-19 will surely benefit every farmer:

  • Wash your hands frequently with hand wash or soap for at least 20 seconds to clean your hands properly.
  • Understand the coronavirus yourself, and educate the people around you on how it spreads, and how to defend yourself from infection.
  • To prevent contact with Coronavirus, use protective devices such as masks, gloves, and sanitizers while you are out.
  • Maintain social distance at all times, stay at least 3 feet away while working, or communicating.
  • Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer with you all the time to disinfect as soon as possible.
  • Stop shaking your head, hugging, or any gesture that involves touching and standing next to you.
  • Keep away from the sick at all costs.
  • Remember not to touch your face and always use disposable tissue when sneezing or coughing and discard after use immediately.
  • Practice strict hygiene regimen when preparing and serving food.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning are proving to be the only way of avoiding coronavirus, since the virus has a long shelf life in plastics, woods, and surfaces. Watch lessons on how to make disinfectants and use them to clean your home and workspace. Clean your tools, vehicles, doorknobs, chairs, dishes, and everything you tend to touch or use often.
  • Have all cleaning equipment on hand, such as mops, brushes, surface cleaners, buckets, and cleaning solutions for cleaning the house and the workplaces.
  • Communicate to all workers that if any of them is sick, they should stay at home and, there will be no repercussions because employees are scared that if they leave, they will be punished. Everyone should understand that health is the priority, and if they are sick, then the first thing they can do is stay at home until they get medical assistance.
  • Plan ahead of time for any unexpected situations which can happen under the current COVID-19 situation, such as shortage of farmers or services.

We hope that any worker who is considered essential and who works in these difficult COVID-19 times, will use these measures to save themselves and their loved ones around them and play their part in stopping Coronavirus from spreading.

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Commercial Snail Farming in Nigeria is gaining popularity because it’s a profitable business with the small capital requirement and needs a very short time in getting your return on investments.

The market prospects for snail farming in Nigeria and Africa are enormous, as snails are a significant part of the diet in many parts of Africa, due to their distinctive taste and nutritional value.

Land snail is an easily available and inexpensive source of high levels of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A with very low-fat content. Snail meat is suggested for anemia patients due to its nutrients.

There are many reasons to move towards the Snail farming business in Nigeria, such as:

  • Snails are hermaphrodites – both sexes in 1 shell, and they cross-fertilize, which makes them highly reproductive.
  • Single snail can lay eggs 6 times a year. Every time over 100 eggs are laid by a single snail.
  • Snail meat is in demand because it is packed with high nutritional elements such as iron, protein, calcium, and phosphorus with low cholesterol and fat content, making it a safe and healthy choice for all.
  • Snail meat is very delicious and loved by people all over Nigeria.
  • The demand and the market for snails is huge in Nigeria and across Africa, and supplies are not yet meeting the demand that allows filling the void by starting the snail farming business in Nigeria and distributing snails both locally and internationally.
  • Snail farming business in Nigeria has a promising future as long as responsible snail growth and consumption continue, demand for snails will only increase.
  • Commercial snail-farming in Nigeria will have a positive impact on the Nigerian economy and will help you earn more.
  • Snail Farming in Nigeria will provide people with easy access to a snail, and help minimize the imports of frozen meat.
  • Snail Farming in Nigeria will create employment opportunities.
  • Snail farming business in Nigeria requires less capital investment with low operating cost.
  • Early profits are made in this business and it is less risky than other livestock businesses.
  • Each part of the snail body can be used.
  • Snail Farming can be started with your existing job as snails don’t require a lot of attention.
  • Snail farming isn’t time-taking with no smell, no noise, and no irritation.
  • They feed and play around in the night, as a result, feeding is usually once a day.


To succeed in this business, you need to have a passion for agriculture and its value and a desire for success.

It is essential to establish a stable relationship and maintain good communication with your partners, either farm machine suppliers or customers, to run a business efficiently.

Be open to renting and leasing options for your farm machinery, as it will give farmers easy access to farm equipment due to financial constraints faced by farmers in Nigeria, and your company will continue to operate and will soon start making good profits, which will ultimately result in your expected return on investment.

Finally, give farm machinery business a thorough analysis and get in contact with credible sources to understand it more and hopefully give it a go.

Each business has its own risk, in the farm machinery business, the main risks are related to transport and the knowledge of the industry.

The transport of large vehicles and equipment has a higher risk associated with them due to the timely delivery of the goods demanded and how safe the equipment will be in transit and how loading and unloading is handled, to prevent such situations, establish a trust-based relationship with your logistics partners to ensure the safety and timely delivery of your farm machinery.

The knowledge of farm machinery sale business in Nigeria has its utmost importance because, without knowledge, one can’t go forward to have a successful business. Always go through all the rules and regulations and carry out thorough research with experts before starting this business to have a better understanding and better chances of success in your business.

The need to start the farm machinery business in Nigeria is ever-growing because the demand for tractors and its implements is immense to improve the agricultural business, so the question is raised where to get the best product for sale if not manufactured within Nigeria. The best quality Massey Ferguson tractors, farm implements, and other equipment for sale in Nigeria can be imported at the best prices from Agro Asia Tractors Pakistan.

With the rising population of Nigeria, it can be the ONE investment that you will always cherish because the need for agriculture is not going anywhere and, the demand for food is rising, as is the need for agricultural machinery. Therefore, it is safe to assume that farming machinery business in Nigeria will be a thriving business in the coming years and, demands for agricultural machinery will be going upwards.

Every farmer wants the best for their farm and, its products so they will move towards mechanization for the farm jobs to be done consistently and with excellent results. The opportunities for this business are enormous and a high potential in Nigeria.

Nigeria, like any other country, needs some basic farm machinery for its agricultural sector, such as Massey Ferguson tractors, farm implements like tillers, planters, harvesters, feeders, livestock and poultry handling equipment, and many others. The market for farm machinery is vast, and the chances of a profitable business are higher.


Mechanization is changing the way of life. Agricultural sectors around the world are embracing this change. The agriculture sector in Nigeria is the center of its economy and, its need for mechanization is no different from the rest of the world.

Agricultural land in Nigeria accounts for almost 77% of its land area and, to have it cultivated is a difficult task. Every business wants return on investment, but to achieve it in farming in Nigeria has not been much successful. If Nigerian farmers want maximum production and a good return on their land, then mechanization is one solution that could do both. Modern farm machinery, such as Massey Ferguson tractors and farm implements, has turned the way of farming into a better and faster process.

Farming equipment is in demand and, the need for farm machinery business is rising, so this is a good time to start this business in Nigeria. Manufacturing and selling are two different business purposes, you just can’t start manufacturing agricultural machines, but you can start selling, renting, or leasing them, making it easy for Nigeria Farmers to get their hands on tractors, farm implements, and tools to make their farming easier.

Poultry farming is a part of the agricultural sector and it is a process of raising a variety of birds for domestic or commercial use. Poultry farming involves raising birds such as chicken, turkey, emu, ducks, geese, etc. for their eggs and meat. Read more