Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 350 Tractors are manufactured by Massey Ferguson Pakistan, which is 50 HP and provided with hydrostatic power steering to enable the driver to operate smoothly during service. It has long-lasting and comfortable chairs. It’s got a larger strength to pull. It has a multiple disk braking feature. It has the same features as the Brand New MF 350 plus and is generally praised by farmers.

We are supplying the top-quality Massey Ferguson Tractors in all over Africa at an affordable price range with stock readily available to be exported. We supply tractors for Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Tonga, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Botswana, Zambia and many more.


  • Affordable price
  • Premium quality
  • Appropriate delivery schedule
  • Customer support
  • Tractor accessories kit
  • No secret charges or policies.

You can order your MF-385 2WD, just by messaging us on WhatsApp or by filling the inquiry form and one of our dedicated customer sales representative will contact you at the earliest. As soon as we receive your order, the process of organizing the requested MF-385 2WD along with its accessories and the requested equipment begins so that the MF-385 2WD tractors can be delivered to the ports of Mombasa, Kenya as soon as possible.


Agro Asia Tractors is Massey Ferguson MF-385 2WD tractor’s most reliable exporter in Pakistan. We are the most trustworthy source when it comes to taking the best priced and high-performing Massey Ferguson MF-385 2WD tractor to Kenya. We have a high-quality stock of Massey Ferguson tractors with farm implements available, ready to be delivered. Responses from our loyal Kenyan customers would confirm our claim to be Kenya’s leading exporter of Massey Ferguson tractors.

Massey Ferguson MF-385 2WD Tractor is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly and, durable tractors. The MF-385 comes with 85HP and hydrostatic power steering along with other valuable features such as a low-noise engine that emits less gas and is economical. Thanks to its ultimate longevity, MF-385 can be your long-term farming companion.

Tractors work hard all year, and we use them to work in the dirtiest and full of debris paths and fields. Tractors are used to work with the tilling, harvesting, manure, dirt, and many other tasks. Over time, tractors gather a lot of grime, dust, and smudges, which ultimately can affect its performance and can cause damage to the parts.

Keeping the tractor clean is an important and critical task for its maintenance and its long life. Removing mud, leaves, trash, or any debris that is trapped in the tractor parts where they’re not supposed to be is a must to ensure the proper working of the tractor.

It’s not necessary to completely clean your tractor every other day, but cleaning it quarterly, semiannually, or yearly is good for the tractor condition.

Let’s go through a tractor cleaning process with you, so you’ll know all the necessary steps and how easily it can be done and the steps are:

1st Step: Clear the Dirt and Debris from Tractor Exterior:

Tractors exterior are packed with dust, dirt, leaves, sticks, or branches, always brush these off from the exterior first. It can be done in the hard way with rags or the easy way by using a leaf blower. Using a leaf blower will remove the debris with less effort, and time and you can save your tractor from securing scratches and any removal of paint particles.

2nd Step: Wash-down the Tractor Exterior

Now the debris is removed, it’s time to wash your tractor. Washing can be done using either pressure washer or with old ways of using soap water bucket with rag and water pipe, whatever available, and suits you.

  1. If you have Pressure Washer, be careful with it, as you don’t want to damage the sensitive parts. Now start by washing the tires first as they have most mud and dirt stuck, followed by washing the entire tractor exterior even below the tractor to have your tractor clean and free of any dirt and debris.
  2. If you are using the traditional cleaning equipment of soap water bucket and rag and water pipe, then rinse the tractor first with the water hose, use a brush to clean tires first and, now in your mind divide the tractor exterior into smaller sections to clean and then soak the cloth in soapy water and clean the areas one by one and finally one last rinse to remove the dirt and soap altogether to have a clean tractor outside.

3rd Step: Let the Tractor Dry:

With cleaning and washing done, it’s time to let your tractor dry. The most preferable way is to let it air dry so you can relax too, but in case you need to take your tractor to work or some place urgent, use a leaf blower to dry the tractor. It is necessary to dry your tractor before heading out because the wet tractor on the road will get dirty easily, and the debris will be caught in it sooner than usual, and your efforts will be wasted.

4th Step: Clean The Operator’s Area:

With the clean exterior, it’s time to wipe the dust off of your operating area. Use a vacuum cleaner or take the mats out, clean the outside and get a clean dirt duster or a damp towel to remove the dust from the operating area.

5th Step: Tractor Waxing:

Now that your tractor is clean and dry and if you want it to look cleaner and shinier, then wax your tractor. It will be the last step in making your tractor look in its best condition, and it will also protect the tractor paint from fading and scratching.


Agriculture is an essential part of our lives. With everything moving towards mechanization, agricultural world has to take up on the innovative products that are being offered like tractors and farm implements in order to achieve efficient results.

If you think buying a tractor will help, then buying an implement will only increase the pleasure. An Implement sometimes called Farm tools or tractor attachments are equipment which can either be powered or unpowered and are used to manage and reduce tasks on the farm. Implements are essential in the world of agriculture and have proven to be the great help in increasing the productivity and efficiency. Farm Implements can be used for ploughing, seeding, watering, planting, lifting and many more of farm tasks.

If you are convinced to keep up with the world and have excellent farm implements with you to increase the productivity of your farm and to meet the ever increasing demands, you can find the best quality farm implements manufactured and supplied to you from Agro Asia Tractors. Agro Asia Farming Implement are ISO 9001 Certified and manufactured under strict quality control

We have a variety of Farm implements for you to choose from but here is a list of our TOP TEN IMPLEMENTS for you:

  1. Plough:

Ploughs are farm implement commonly used for soil breaking and are very useful with hard and rocky land. It is primary tilling equipment which is used before any farming activity. It significantly reduces the time required for cultivating allowing the farmer to cover a large area of his field in lesser time

Types of Plough:

  • Disc Plough
  • Chisel Plough
  • Mould Board Plough
  1. Harrow:

Harrow is a farm implement used for deeper tillage which ploughs and turn the soil where the crops need to be planted. It is used in breaking and smoothing of the soil surface. Harrow not only turn the soil but also chop up the unwanted weed and the crop remainders.

Types of Harrow:

  • Disc Harrows
  • Tine Harrows
  1. Sprayer:

Boom Sprayer is a Tractor attached PTO operated implement which is used for spraying pesticides, repellents, and Nano-nutrients on various crops.

  1. Rotary Cultivator:

Rotary Cultivator are also known as Rotary Tiller are PTO operated farm Implement which are built to turn or break the soil as well as weeding of the crop residue left after harvesting. It also helps in nutrients balancing and seeding.

  1. Farm Trailer

Farm Trailer is a tractor towed unpowered vehicle. It is widely used in Farming and construction industry to carry Harvested Crops, Tractor Implements, Dirt, Gravel, stones and other things from one place to another. Agro Asia Tractors offers heavy Duty Farm Trailer starting with a capacity of 2 Tons to 20 Tons

  1. Spreader:

Spreaders are implements used to spread seed, fertilizer, sand, etc. by using a seed filled hopper. It enhances the soil by spreading the seed, fertilizer or whatever else you want to distribute in an even manner throughout the field.

  1. Multi-crop Seed Drill:

Multi crop seed drill does seeding and fertilization at the same time in a single go while preserving the moisture of the soil. It increases the crop yield up to 10%. It has a seeding capacity of almost 80 to 100 Kg with a drilling depth of 50-100mm. Its gears are strong and powerful.

  1. Baler

Baler is also known as hay baler is farm implement which compresses the cut or raked hay or crops into compact squeezed bales in order to transport or store them easily.

  1. Bed Shape Planter:

Bed Shape Planter works on making beds, removing wrinkles, applying seeds and spreading Fertilizer. It can shape two beds and three Furrows in one go. It is better at weed control, water the executives and compost use productivity. It is furnished with placer wheel for the Placement of seed of appropriate depth.

  1. Agriculture Loader:

Agricultural Loader or Tractor Loader also known as Front Loader is an implement capable of moving material, removing bushes, tree lumps as well as moving the Snow Dirt and spread manure. It is multipurpose machine designed in a way that it can be fitted in any Tractor be it 2WD or 4WD.

These are our pick for top ten Agricultural tractor implement that will enhance your farm’s productivity. We hope that this post is helpful for you in choosing the farm implement.

Commercial Snail Farming in Nigeria is gaining popularity because it’s a profitable business with the small capital requirement and needs a very short time in getting your return on investments.

The market prospects for snail farming in Nigeria and Africa are enormous, as snails are a significant part of the diet in many parts of Africa, due to their distinctive taste and nutritional value.

Land snail is an easily available and inexpensive source of high levels of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A with very low-fat content. Snail meat is suggested for anemia patients due to its nutrients.

There are many reasons to move towards the Snail farming business in Nigeria, such as:

  • Snails are hermaphrodites – both sexes in 1 shell, and they cross-fertilize, which makes them highly reproductive.
  • Single snail can lay eggs 6 times a year. Every time over 100 eggs are laid by a single snail.
  • Snail meat is in demand because it is packed with high nutritional elements such as iron, protein, calcium, and phosphorus with low cholesterol and fat content, making it a safe and healthy choice for all.
  • Snail meat is very delicious and loved by people all over Nigeria.
  • The demand and the market for snails is huge in Nigeria and across Africa, and supplies are not yet meeting the demand that allows filling the void by starting the snail farming business in Nigeria and distributing snails both locally and internationally.
  • Snail farming business in Nigeria has a promising future as long as responsible snail growth and consumption continue, demand for snails will only increase.
  • Commercial snail-farming in Nigeria will have a positive impact on the Nigerian economy and will help you earn more.
  • Snail Farming in Nigeria will provide people with easy access to a snail, and help minimize the imports of frozen meat.
  • Snail Farming in Nigeria will create employment opportunities.
  • Snail farming business in Nigeria requires less capital investment with low operating cost.
  • Early profits are made in this business and it is less risky than other livestock businesses.
  • Each part of the snail body can be used.
  • Snail Farming can be started with your existing job as snails don’t require a lot of attention.
  • Snail farming isn’t time-taking with no smell, no noise, and no irritation.
  • They feed and play around in the night, as a result, feeding is usually once a day.

The need to start the farm machinery business in Nigeria is ever-growing because the demand for tractors and its implements is immense to improve the agricultural business, so the question is raised where to get the best product for sale if not manufactured within Nigeria. The best quality Massey Ferguson tractors, farm implements, and other equipment for sale in Nigeria can be imported at the best prices from Agro Asia Tractors Pakistan.