Tractors are becoming an important part of the agricultural environment but, with a tractor comes a responsibility for your safety and safety of others. Tractors are large and complex vehicles and could result in accidents and injuries if not handled properly.

Agro Asia Tractors cares for your well-being, that’s why our team has created a list of safety measures every tractor owner, and the operator must take to ensure the safety of everyone involved.


Know your tractor:

Knowing your tractor is important, how it works and how it is maintained is a first step in taking precautions and ensuring a long journey of companionship.

Tractor Operator:

Always wear seatbelt and never put your tractor in the hands of an unskilled driver, be it you or someone else. The operator must know how to operate a tractor and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Only one driver:

a single seat in the driving seat means that there is no space for extra people, so don’t let anyone tag along with you on your tractor because it only increases the risk of accidents and fatal injuries.

Roll over preventing system:

ROPS is the system used in the tractors to protect tractors from the overturn or rollovers. It reduces the risk of rollover and overturn accidents.

Avoid slips and trips:

When driving a tractor, never rush in any circumstance. Follow the procedures, use handles to mount or dismount from the tractor and always check your tires, be aware of the road and avoid speeding to prevent accidents.

Maintenance check:

Tractors need to be maintained to work properly and safely. Develop a checklist on how and what will you need to check, it should include your brakes, clutch, PTO, tires pressure, lights, hydraulics, filters, and other safety equipment.

PTO safety:

Never use a PTO shaft without a protective shield because if left unprotected, it can catch either loose cloth, rope, or any other loose things which can result in disastrous outcomes. Proper hitching of implements with PTO is necessary.

Avoid roadway traffic:

If possible, try to always travel on times when traffic flow on the roads is low or if going on the road at peak times is must then drive slow, use indicators properly and be careful and act responsibly. Never have an implement attached while going on the public road


Speed gives you a thrill, but it increases your chances of mishaps. Tractors must always be driven at normal speed because you need to be safe, and that should be the only thing on your mind. No matter how exhausted you feel or how late you’re going to be, don’t take any risks when you’re drivi

ng a tractor.

Heavy items:

When working or dragging heavy objects with a tractor, always check that the joints are properly fixed, the drawbar is fitted well to avoid any flipping of the tractor.


Always take more precautionary measures in stormy weather such as drive slowly, check your tires and fuel, take the safest route for your destination, and be extra careful while driving.

Avoid Overloading:

Overloading any vehicle will lead to problems, but overloading a large vehicle such as a tractor increases the risk of rollovers and accidents. The overload tractor poses a danger to the driver and the traffic and the people it passes through.

Enclosed area:

Never run your tractor in a covered space no matter the circumstances.

Safety equipment:

keep a safety equipment box with you in all times like first aid box, emergency tools, and fire extinguishers.

We hope that you take all the mentioned safety measures when working with a tractor. Let us know if there are any more tips that you’d like to share with us.



The worst outbreak of locusts has been seen in East Africa. In Ethiopia, it has caused a food shortage for one million people. It has been the worst outbreak to be seen in decades.

Almost 200,000 hectares have said to be affected by the insects causing the loss of up to 356,000 tons of crops such as maize, sorghum, and wheat according to the UN food and agriculture organization.

The preventive measures against these locusts have been delayed and not fully applied due to coronavirus pandemic crisis. More locusts and pests are swarming after the March rains and are a threat to not only Ethiopia but many parts of Africa and Saudi Arabia mentioned by UN agency.

East Africa attacked by the swarms of Locusts in the mid of Coronavirus Pandemic:

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, protective measures against locust swarms threatening crops in Eastern Africa are being delayed due to flight restrictions triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The supply of pesticides has been delayed and, the ones that countries have will soon run out, which will cause 4 million people to face the shortage of food to feed their families, said the FAO head of resilience for East Africa Cyril Ferrand.


Encouraged by the strange weather, Great numbers of locusts were found swarming and started their journey from Yemen last year and hit East Africa and the hard-hit countries were Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia which caused 20 million people to suffer from food struggles and it has now given birth to a second wave as the farmers have started planting their crops.

Ferrand said that these are ravenous and attacking insects and if the pesticide supply is still short and, if these swarms are not contained, East Africa will face significant crop damage.

FAO authorities are attempting to get hold of pesticides from local sources as the flight operations are closed and, the pesticides can’t be delivered to the affected lands.  Coronavirus has caused the governments to close down the borders as well as factories that made pesticides, which has disturbed the global supply chain and a great problem for Locusts affected countries.


Ethiopians are all set to make a world record in fight against climate change

Ethiopian have started a campaign of planting 4 billion trees in Ethiopia to combat the drought and deforestation. Out of 4 billion trees, 353 million trees were planted in Ethiopia in just 12 hours, and the world record was set according to the Getahun Mekuria, Minister of Innovation and technology of Ethiopia.

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Mr. Abiy Ahmed plans to overcome the situation in which 3.8 million people needed assistance caused by droughts and scanty rains in previous years as only 14% of the total land of Ethiopia is covered from the forest.

Precautionary measures for farmers working amidst the COVID-19

The significance and requirement of Agriculture are not hidden from anyone, and even in these tough times, farmers working in the field are considered essential. Some farmers live in small and crowded homes, and the concern has been raised that if COVID-19 catches only one farmer, it is likely to spread rapidly and will be difficult to control within the close-knit farming community.

The need for food is vital for every living being. With COVID-19 haunting and taking away the lives and livelihoods of many people, farmers around the world must take precautionary measures in order to survive the pandemic themselves and provide the world with food.

Agro Asia Tractors cares for the wellbeing of farmers around the world and although no vaccine currently exists to prevent Coronavirus, these simple preventive measures gathered by the team of Agro Asia Tractors against COVID-19 will surely benefit every farmer:

  • Wash your hands frequently with hand wash or soap for at least 20 seconds to clean your hands properly.
  • Understand the coronavirus yourself, and educate the people around you on how it spreads, and how to defend yourself from infection.
  • To prevent contact with Coronavirus, use protective devices such as masks, gloves, and sanitizers while you are out.
  • Maintain social distance at all times, stay at least 3 feet away while working, or communicating.
  • Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer with you all the time to disinfect as soon as possible.
  • Stop shaking your head, hugging, or any gesture that involves touching and standing next to you.
  • Keep away from the sick at all costs.
  • Remember not to touch your face and always use disposable tissue when sneezing or coughing and discard after use immediately.
  • Practice strict hygiene regimen when preparing and serving food.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning are proving to be the only way of avoiding coronavirus, since the virus has a long shelf life in plastics, woods, and surfaces. Watch lessons on how to make disinfectants and use them to clean your home and workspace. Clean your tools, vehicles, doorknobs, chairs, dishes, and everything you tend to touch or use often.
  • Have all cleaning equipment on hand, such as mops, brushes, surface cleaners, buckets, and cleaning solutions for cleaning the house and the workplaces.
  • Communicate to all workers that if any of them is sick, they should stay at home and, there will be no repercussions because employees are scared that if they leave, they will be punished. Everyone should understand that health is the priority, and if they are sick, then the first thing they can do is stay at home until they get medical assistance.
  • Plan ahead of time for any unexpected situations which can happen under the current COVID-19 situation, such as shortage of farmers or services.

We hope that any worker who is considered essential and who works in these difficult COVID-19 times, will use these measures to save themselves and their loved ones around them and play their part in stopping Coronavirus from spreading.

Coronavirus Pandemic is not only dangerous to humans but also damaging to world economies. The African economy is facing its consequences as well, African countries rely on their agricultural exports to have a viable economy, but Coronavirus Pandemic threatens nations, forced countries to closed their borders as well as businesses and markets within countries which in turn affects Africa’s agriculture business. 31 countries in Africa have implemented full border closures, whereas most of the other countries have only allowed access to basic goods.

Demand for African agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and, seafood has declined, and exports are facing a decrease. The European market is showing a great decline in its demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Morocco is likely to face the highest export decline because it relies heavily on the European market.

South Africa is among those 31 countries that placed border closures. Luckily, South Africa’s agricultural production has not significantly impacted by COVID-19 however, due to closed flight operations, logistical problems and, border restrictions, agricultural exports are likely to be affected. The volumes of exports will decline particularly for seafood and fresh fruits.

Algeria is also facing problems for its agricultural goods, which are exported such as, coffee, dairy items, fruit, and vegetables. Kenyans are facing a shortage of corn and, eggs and product prices have risen as Uganda’s shipments to Kenya are now unable to move through because of lockdowns.

Many African countries will experience the decline in exports of their main agricultural products such as fruit, vegetables and seafood items due to COVID -19 and, the countries that most likely encounter the decrease are Tunisia, Senegal, Cameroon, Uganda, Mauritania, Tanzania, and Egypt.

As a result of COVID-19, regulations and restrictions are imposed throughout Africa which have had an impact on the price of various products to increase, even within countries and with borders closed, food shortages are imminent and economies are at risk.

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