Agro Asia tractors are the world top exporter and supplier of brand-new Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Euro Fords and farm implements all over the world. It is one of the best- quality manufacturers of Massey Ferguson 375 75 hp 2WD- 4WD variants. We are also delivering MF 375 in Kenya. Our brand-new tractors have highly advanced and modern technological solutions for agricultural farming. Moreover, our tractors can easily accommodate with any type of tractor implements, the working efficiency and performance of this MF 375 75 hp 2WD-4WD variants are also high.

Furthermore, farmers from all over the world have believed us since 1991. Agro Asia tractors have excelled in turning into one of the respectable agricultural machinery provider in Kenya and across the globe. We supply Massey Ferguson 375 for sale with 75 hp which helps in speeding the farming process and increasing crop productivity without compromising on quality.

However, let’s get all the information about Massey Ferguson 375 that make it one of the special tractor brands.


Massey Ferguson 375 is a 75 hp 2WD-4WD technical specification includes; it’s powerful engine of Perkins, which is enough to handle all the agricultural implements. Its capacity is 540 live PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. This combination is very good for the purchasers/farmers. It has a sliding spur with 8 front and 2 reverse gears. Moreover, it is a low noise and low emission tractors whose robust straddle rear axle make turning it easy. Its hydrostatic power steering made farmer’s lives easy peasy. They can easily handle this stunning and giant Massey Ferguson 375. This MF 375 engine is made with good quality material and advanced technology to meet all the farming requirements. It is the best tractor for the agricultural industry and the most suitable tractor for farming tasks. However, having a powerful engine, this brand-new tractor is still for a reasonable price.

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The Agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy, constituting approximately 30 percent of Kenya’s Gross Domestic product GDP. The agriculture sector employs more than 40 percent of the rural population. However, agricultural productivity has stopped in recent year. Agro Asia tractors are one of the non-stop shops for farmers all over the world. Agro Asia tractors being the top-best quality tractor provider to all of the countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Mozambique, UK, Fiji, Uganda, Tanzania, and Iraq. We are the dealer and supplier of brand-new tractors like Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Euro fords, and farming implements like disc plough, disc harrow, farm trailer, farm trolley, and farm tipping trolley for better production and cultivation of fields and farms.

We at Agro Asia tractors are also here to supply and serve you. Being an ISO certified (9001- 2015). Our main goal is to provide our neighboring countries with the best agricultural products to increase their agricultural industry which leads to a better country’s economy. We are the top-exporter of the agricultural equipments in Kenya, providing brand-new tractors for sale in Kenya. We do not compromise on quality of our products which make us best exporter internationally.


Our brand-new Massey Fergusons are the best agricultural tools to perform various and massive tasks in such a short time. The wide variety of modern tractors is always ready to chip away at harsh and barren land to pull weighty burdens; hence the motor develop a brilliant measure of power to get the work done. Furthermore, our Massey Fergusons will never leave you alone in complicated situations, and our quality farm implements and equipment are ready to accommodate with any tractor and start working effortlessly.

Regular maintenance keeps your tractor running smoothly. Tractor maintenance enhances performance and extends machine life to 15–18 years. Maintaining a tractor requires some guidelines. Here are some tractor maintenance tips:

1.Read the manual:

Every brand includes an owner’s manual. So, get the owner’s manual and read it. An operating manual is included with a maintenance schedule.

2. Get all the maintenance tools:

Getting maintenance tools for a tractor is different than for a car. So, get a wrench and other tools to repair your tractor.

3. Protection From Rain:

Keep the tractor dry, especially the exhaust, seat, and gauges. Keep it covered or in a garage and protect it from rain.

4. Check Fluids Regularly:

Regularly check tractor fluids to avoid costly injuries. Consult the owner’s manual. Also, check the battery electrolyte and engine oil.

5. Check tyre pressure:

Tire pressure varies by tractor. A tractor’s front and rear tyres may need different pressures. So keep an eye on that.

6. Check Brakes:

Manual or automatic brakes? Just lubricate and service your brake system. If your brake system is damaged, act soon.

7. Watch The Filters:

Dirt and dust can contaminate the system and cause component failure. Tractors have filters to protect the system. Regularly check the fuel and air filters. No cleaning, no use.

8. Must Be Well Lubricated:

A well-lubricated tractor operates well. Check the oil level often and use heavy-duty lubricant. Avoid auto and light oils. Clean and lubricate the tractor’s working parts.

9. Don’t Overload:

Use a recommended size attachment for whatever job you’re doing. Avoid overloading your tractor to prolong its life.

Maintaining your tractor extends its life. To get the most out of your tractor, follow the above tips. You can also contact AgroAsia Tractors via our contact form or any of our social media sites. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Tractors are essential in agriculture. Farming has employed tractors for nearly a century. Choosing the right tractor for the job is important to farming success. Here are some suggestions for choosing a tractor.
1. Locate the dealer’s maintenance/service center:
If you want a tractor, be sure the dealer has a service center nearby. This is important since a consumer may readily access a service center if needed. Machines need continual maintenance. Another factor is that tractors are long-term machinery. After 500 hours, owners should take their tractor to a shop.
2. Know your work requirements:
Tractors are used for a variety of functions. So, before buying, one should study their work. Also, keep in mind that each crop has its own needs. The buyer should verify the tractor’s suitability for the project.
3. Field size:
Tractors are utilized based on field size. Larger regions require a tractor with a big engine and supporting apparatus. Smaller fields require a tractor with less power and amenities. Hard soil will require more power.
4. The tractor’s resale value:
A tractor’s resale value is continuously in demand. When investing, one should know the resale value. Even if buying a used tractor, inspect the engine and machine first.
5. Tractor cost:
A tractor purchase budget is critical. Prices and features vary. So pick wisely. Buyers can usually get financing and should analyze their financial situation. A customer can also select a quality used tractor based on price.
6. Tractor operator comfort:
Another important factor in selecting equipment is user comfort. A buyer should look for a machine that is simple to run.

In order to obtain tractors that meet your specifications at an affordable price, our firm AgroAsia Tractors will be of assistance. You can get in touch with us by completing our inquiry form or simply by contacting us through one of our social media sites.

The future of farming is swiftly approaching us at a rate that no one could have anticipated. In the past, it would have been unthinkable to anticipate that touch screen displays and extremely complicated warning systems would be possible in the future. It is already possible to access technology that incorporates features such as automatic crop reporting, a Harvest Lab, and a range of other services. These are only a few instances of technology that can assist in molding the future of our equipment, which is currently in use in the agricultural industry, to deliver more precise and accurate performance. The future of farming is a lot more than that.

Providing adequate amounts of high-quality, nutritious, and inexpensive food in a world with 7.5 billion people will always be a significant problem. As a result, in a world with limited resources, a new high-tech era will need to be heralded, one in which automation and data may assist farmers in addressing the various issues of the future.

As a result, how do you envision farming in 40 years? Because so many technologies are being linked together, waste will be minimized, productivity will be maximized, and the environment will be impacted as little as is reasonably practicable. One thing is certain: success will necessitate a sustained commitment to driving standards development in order to assure that the technological advances we are making will continue to bring the productivity and environmental gains we desire over the next couple of decades.

MF 385 4WD tractor in Kenya is more powerful than a 2WD tractor because it provides greater stability and traction. is an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient tractor with the capability of pulling up to 20 tons of weight at the most reasonable MF-385 4WD tractor price in Kenya. Kenyan customers have always given great MF 385 4WD tractor reviews after achieving anticipated results.

Massey Ferguson MF-385 2WD tractor Technical Specification:

MF-385 4WD Tractor Technical Specifications are 85HP tractor with an environmental friendly and powerful engine of Perkins, diesel-4.41 with engine speed at 540 live PTO rpm is 1789 rpm and a maximum engine speed of 2200 rpm. its Transmission is a sliding spur with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a Cerametallic Dual Clutch with Robust Straddle Rear Axle, Oil immersed Multi-Disc Brakes and Hydrostatic Power Steering with Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat to make sure the comfort, easy handling and, smooth operations of the tractor. It has a fuel tank capacity of 108 liters.

MF-385 4WD Hydraulic System Does Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16.7 liters/min and lifting capacity of 2145 kg. its big Front 12.4/11-24 (6PR) and Rear 18.4 / 15 – 30 (6PR) tires makes it more steady with high traction power.

How to import MF-385 2WD tractor from Pakistan to Kenya:

You can import your MF-385 4WD tractor from Pakistan, by sending Agro Asia Tractors a message on WhatsApp or by filling out the inquiry form and a sales representative will contact you to discuss the criteria for your MF-385 4WD tractor in Kenya, agricultural equipment and a reasonable shipping schedule for your required location and you will have your tractor at the best MF-385 tractor price in Kenya.


Massey Ferguson MF-240 tractors in Kenya have high fuel efficiency, powerful engine, and versatility and are most suitable for rugged and sturdy fields. MF 240 tractor prices in Kenya are the most economical for its qualities. If you are involved in agriculture in Kenya and looking for a compact size tractor, buying MF-240 tractor in Kenya will be one of the wisest decisions and, MF-240 tractor reviews from our satisfied Kenyan customers will assure you.

Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors Technical Specification

MF 240 Tractors Technical Specifications are known to be best for farming purposes. It’s a 50HP tractor with a powerful engine of Perkins, AD-3,1524, it’s engine speed at 540 PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-240 Transmission is of great strength with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a dual-clutch to ensure smoother transmission with outboard drum brakes and manual mechanical steering for heavy-duty and better driving control.

MF-240 Hydraulic System roles are Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16 liters/min, and lifting capacity of 1415 kg. The durable surface connection and friction come from its front tire, 6.00-16, and rear tire, 12.4/11-28 which are also effective on a slippery road.

How to import MF 240 Tractor from Pakistan to Kenya?

Place your inquiry to import MF-240 tractor from Pakistan from Agro Asia Tractors by filling inquiry form or through WhatsApp, and our sales representative will contact you to discuss the order of your MF-240 tractor, accessories and other added implements with feasible shipping schedule for ports of Mombasa, Kenya with best MF-240 price in Kenya and will assist you until you receive your MF-240 tractor in Kenya and are satisfied.

Massey Ferguson MF-375 tractors in Kenya is considered to be the top model in the market. MF-375 is preferred by farmers all over Africa and has become the first choice for the Kenyan farmers due to its fuel efficiency, eco-friendly qualities, less noise, economical price, and durability. MF-375 tractor price in Kenya is most affordable when importing from Pakistan. We have raving MF-375 tractors reviews from our satisfied customers who bought the MF-375 tractors in Kenya.

Massey Ferguson MF-375 Tractors Technical Specification:

MF-375 Tractor Technical Specifications have made MF-375 the most powerful tractor in the market with a distinctive style and features which includes Its 75HP power with an engine of Perkins, diesel-4.248 and its engine speed at 540 live PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-375 Transmission is a sliding spur with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a Cerametallic Dual Clutch with Robust Straddle Rear Axle with Epicyclical Reduction Unit, Oil immersed Multi-Disc Brakes and Hydrostatic Power Steering to make sure the easy handling and smooth operations of the tractor.

MF-375 Hydraulic System Does Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16.7 liters/min and lifting capacity of 2145 kg. It has a fuel tank capacity of 108 liters.

How to import MF-375 Tractor from Pakistan to Kenya?

Importing Massey Ferguson MF-375 tractors from Pakistan has become very easy with Agro Asia Tractors. You can have your MF-375 tractor in Kenya, by filling our inquiry form or by messaging us on WhatsApp and our sales representative will contact you and will guide you regarding our offer of most economical MF-375 tractor price in Kenya and Shipping schedule and will remain in contact until MF-375 tractor reaches your desired destination.



Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor in Kenya is a widely preferred model because it is a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and high performing tractor for all kinds of farms which emits less smoke due to its less fuel consumption. MF 260 Tractor Price in Kenya is very reasonable for its qualities and the best MF 260 Tractor reviews from our customers are a confirmation for our claims.

Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractors Technical Specification:

MF 260 Tractors Technical Specifications are, It’s a 60HP tractor with a turbocharged engine of Perkins, T 3.1524, it’s engine speed at 540 PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-260 Transmission is of great strength with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a dual-clutch with Robust Straddle Rear Axle to ensure smoother transmission with Oil immersed Multi-Disc Mechanical Brakes, Manual Steering and Spring Suspension Seat for comfort and enhanced driving control.

MF-260 Hydraulic System roles are Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16 liters/min at maximum pressure of 21mpa at normal temperature, and lifting capacity with lower links is 2170 kg. The durable surface connection and resistance come from its front tire 7.5-16(6PR), and rear tire, 14.9 / 13 – 28 (6PR).

How to Import MF-260 tractors from Pakistan to Kenya:

To import MF-260 tractors from Pakistan, contact Agro Asia Tractors by filling out the inquiry form or through WhatsApp, and our sales representative will contact you to talk over the inquiry of your MF-260 tractor, accessories and farm implements with a viable shipping schedule for your preferred destination at the best MF-260 tractor price in Kenya and will assist you until you receive your top-quality MF-260 tractor in Kenya.

Coronavirus Pandemic is not only dangerous to humans but also damaging to world economies. The African economy is facing its consequences as well, African countries rely on their agricultural exports to have a viable economy, but Coronavirus Pandemic threatens nations, forced countries to closed their borders as well as businesses and markets within countries which in turn affects Africa’s agriculture business. 31 countries in Africa have implemented full border closures, whereas most of the other countries have only allowed access to basic goods.

Demand for African agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and, seafood has declined, and exports are facing a decrease. The European market is showing a great decline in its demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Morocco is likely to face the highest export decline because it relies heavily on the European market.

South Africa is among those 31 countries that placed border closures. Luckily, South Africa’s agricultural production has not significantly impacted by COVID-19 however, due to closed flight operations, logistical problems and, border restrictions, agricultural exports are likely to be affected. The volumes of exports will decline particularly for seafood and fresh fruits.

Algeria is also facing problems for its agricultural goods, which are exported such as, coffee, dairy items, fruit, and vegetables. Kenyans are facing a shortage of corn and, eggs and product prices have risen as Uganda’s shipments to Kenya are now unable to move through because of lockdowns.

Many African countries will experience the decline in exports of their main agricultural products such as fruit, vegetables and seafood items due to COVID -19 and, the countries that most likely encounter the decrease are Tunisia, Senegal, Cameroon, Uganda, Mauritania, Tanzania, and Egypt.

As a result of COVID-19, regulations and restrictions are imposed throughout Africa which have had an impact on the price of various products to increase, even within countries and with borders closed, food shortages are imminent and economies are at risk.