MF 385 4WD tractor in Kenya is more powerful than a 2WD tractor because it provides greater stability and traction. is an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient tractor with the capability of pulling up to 20 tons of weight at the most reasonable MF-385 4WD tractor price in Kenya. Kenyan customers have always given great MF 385 4WD tractor reviews after achieving anticipated results.

Massey Ferguson MF-385 2WD tractor Technical Specification:

MF-385 4WD Tractor Technical Specifications are 85HP tractor with an environmental friendly and powerful engine of Perkins, diesel-4.41 with engine speed at 540 live PTO rpm is 1789 rpm and a maximum engine speed of 2200 rpm. its Transmission is a sliding spur with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a Cerametallic Dual Clutch with Robust Straddle Rear Axle, Oil immersed Multi-Disc Brakes and Hydrostatic Power Steering with Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat to make sure the comfort, easy handling and, smooth operations of the tractor. It has a fuel tank capacity of 108 liters.

MF-385 4WD Hydraulic System Does Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16.7 liters/min and lifting capacity of 2145 kg. its big Front 12.4/11-24 (6PR) and Rear 18.4 / 15 – 30 (6PR) tires makes it more steady with high traction power.

How to import MF-385 2WD tractor from Pakistan to Kenya:

You can import your MF-385 4WD tractor from Pakistan, by sending Agro Asia Tractors a message on WhatsApp or by filling out the inquiry form and a sales representative will contact you to discuss the criteria for your MF-385 4WD tractor in Kenya, agricultural equipment and a reasonable shipping schedule for your required location and you will have your tractor at the best MF-385 tractor price in Kenya.


Massey Ferguson MF-240 tractors in Kenya have high fuel efficiency, powerful engine, and versatility and are most suitable for rugged and sturdy fields. MF 240 tractor prices in Kenya are the most economical for its qualities. If you are involved in agriculture in Kenya and looking for a compact size tractor, buying MF-240 tractor in Kenya will be one of the wisest decisions and, MF-240 tractor reviews from our satisfied Kenyan customers will assure you.

Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors Technical Specification

MF 240 Tractors Technical Specifications are known to be best for farming purposes. It’s a 50HP tractor with a powerful engine of Perkins, AD-3,1524, it’s engine speed at 540 PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-240 Transmission is of great strength with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a dual-clutch to ensure smoother transmission with outboard drum brakes and manual mechanical steering for heavy-duty and better driving control.

MF-240 Hydraulic System roles are Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16 liters/min, and lifting capacity of 1415 kg. The durable surface connection and friction come from its front tire, 6.00-16, and rear tire, 12.4/11-28 which are also effective on a slippery road.

How to import MF 240 Tractor from Pakistan to Kenya?

Place your inquiry to import MF-240 tractor from Pakistan from Agro Asia Tractors by filling inquiry form or through WhatsApp, and our sales representative will contact you to discuss the order of your MF-240 tractor, accessories and other added implements with feasible shipping schedule for ports of Mombasa, Kenya with best MF-240 price in Kenya and will assist you until you receive your MF-240 tractor in Kenya and are satisfied.


Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 240 in Africa are a compact size tractors known for their high fuel efficiency and powerful engine. MF-240 is the most versatile all-rounder tractors that comes in an affordable price. MF-240 comes with 50HP and 2-wheel drive that are most suitable for rugged and sturdy fields.

Massey Ferguson 240 Tractors Dealers in Africa

Agro Asia Tractors is the leading Massey Ferguson MF-240 Tractor Exporter in Pakistan. We are the most reliable source when it comes to providing the best priced and top quality Massey Ferguson MF-240 tractor to all over the Africa. As soon as we get the inquiry from our customers, the process of compiling the requested MF-240 along with its accessories and asked implements starts so that as soon as the deal is done, MF-240 tractors can be shipped to reach the desired destination at the earliest. We are the authorized dealers of MF Tractors, with a top-quality stock available, ready to be delivered.

How to order Massey Ferguson Tractors from Pakistan to Africa?

If you are considering to buy a Massey Ferguson MF-240 Tractors from Pakistan. Agro Asia Tractors is undoubtedly the top Massey Ferguson authorized exporter for Africa and buying from us will get you the best quality and most economically priced brand new MF-240 tractor in Africa with the reasonable delivery time to reach at your desired location. To order your MF-240 tractor, send us your inquiry through our inquiry forms or any social media platforms and one of our dedicated customers Sales Representative will get in touch with you to guide you throughout the process until the shipment reaches you. Our loyal customer’s references from all over Africa can strengthen our claim to be the leading exporter of Massey Ferguson tractors across Africa.

Why choose Agro Asia Tractors to buy Massey Ferguson tractors:

  • Best price
  • High quality
  • Suitable shipping schedule
  • Customer care support
  • Set of tractor accessories
  • No concealed charges or policy.

If you need a quote or any additional information, simply fill out the inquiry form or send us a message on WhatsApp, our dedicated sales team will be ready to assist you and any member of our team will be in touch.


Massey Ferguson Limited is an agricultural equipment manufacturing company established in 1953 following the merger of Massey Harris company of Canada and the Ferguson company of Northern Ireland, which later acquired by AGCO in 1997. Since its establishment, Massey Ferguson has become a well-known brand of agricultural machinery. They offer a wide range of tractors and farm implements that has been redesigning the agricultural ways.

Massey Ferguson tractors are manufactured by the various licensed facilities of the world without compromising on quality. The demand for Massey Ferguson tractors is global, but the emerging market for these tractors has been Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East in recent years.

In Pakistan, Massey Ferguson is produced by Millat Tractors Ltd under the license of AGCO and, has been manufacturing the models like MF 240, MF 260, MF 350, MF 360, MF 375, MF 385, MF 385 4×4 for the local farmers and the international market as well. These models are widely known for the affordability, efficiency and, low maintenance cost and praised by the farmers of all scale.

  • Why Massey Ferguson is the right choice for farmers?

Massey Ferguson is the leading brand of tractors and farm equipment because it expresses and shares the emotion of farmers while providing them with the best quality agricultural machinery. Over time, with its vast experience, Massey Ferguson has brought innovation to its design and quality to bring the range of agricultural equipment that caters to the needs of every farmer across the world.  Massey Ferguson Tractors is the most recognized brand among the African Farmers because they are manufactured following the needs of the farmers and their budget.

  • Massey Ferguson Tractor Price and HP Range from Pakistan

Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan are producing with keeping in view the needs and demand of its Pakistan and International customers from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Massey Ferguson tractors manufacture in Pakistan are ranging from 50HP to 85HP with great features to deliver the best performance. Massey Ferguson Tractors from Pakistan are known to be the most economical tractors offered with the best quality and features.

  • Massey Ferguson Tractors in Africa:

Massey Ferguson Tractors Pakistan exports tractors across Africa from the most trusted dealers, Agro Asia Tractors. MF tractors use and demand in Africa has been increasing because of its outstanding features coming at an affordable price with a convenient shipping process. Agro Asia tractors being the most reliable MF dealers from Pakistan in Africa is offering different models of MF tractors such as:

  • MF-240(50hp)

MF-240 is the most versatile, all-rounder tractor that comes at an affordable price. MF-240 comes with a 50HP and 2-wheel drive that is most suitable for rugged and sturdy fields.

  • MF-260(60hp)

Massey Ferguson MF-260 Tractor is a 60HP tractor. It is a fuel-efficient and high performing tractor for all kinds of farms. MF-260 has a turbocharged engine with high PTO power which gives it extra torque for greater plowing and, pulling and it comes at an affordable price.

  • MF-290(78hp)

Massey Ferguson MF-290 is a powerful tractor with 78 HP which comes at a very economical price with hydro-static steering, good traction capacity, and low fuel consumption. MF-290 is a popular model due to its easy to use and maintenance features.

  • MF-350(50hp)

Massey Ferguson MF-350 Tractors is a 50 HP tractor provided with hydrostatic power steering to enable the driver to operate it smoothly and has long-lasting and comfortable chairs. It’s got a larger strength to pull and multiple brakes.

  • MF-360(60hp)

Massey Ferguson MF-360 is a 60HP tractor which is a widely preferred model of Massey Ferguson tractors in Africa because it comes with hydrostatic power steering and other features such as a turbocharged engine with high PTO power, stronger pulling power and fuel efficiency.

  • MF-375(75hp)

Brand New MF 375 with 75HP is one of our best-seller models in Africa. MF-375 is the first choice for the farmers due to its fuel efficiency, eco-friendly qualities, less noise, economical price, durability and, hydrostatic steering.

  • MF-385 (85hp) either 2WD or 4WD

Massey Ferguson MF-385 Tractor model is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly and, durable tractors. The MF-385 comes with 85HP and hydrostatic power steering along with options of 2WD or 4WD features and are the most economical tractors having 85HP.



Massey Ferguson MF-375 tractors in Kenya is considered to be the top model in the market. MF-375 is preferred by farmers all over Africa and has become the first choice for the Kenyan farmers due to its fuel efficiency, eco-friendly qualities, less noise, economical price, and durability. MF-375 tractor price in Kenya is most affordable when importing from Pakistan. We have raving MF-375 tractors reviews from our satisfied customers who bought the MF-375 tractors in Kenya.

Massey Ferguson MF-375 Tractors Technical Specification:

MF-375 Tractor Technical Specifications have made MF-375 the most powerful tractor in the market with a distinctive style and features which includes Its 75HP power with an engine of Perkins, diesel-4.248 and its engine speed at 540 live PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-375 Transmission is a sliding spur with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a Cerametallic Dual Clutch with Robust Straddle Rear Axle with Epicyclical Reduction Unit, Oil immersed Multi-Disc Brakes and Hydrostatic Power Steering to make sure the easy handling and smooth operations of the tractor.

MF-375 Hydraulic System Does Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16.7 liters/min and lifting capacity of 2145 kg. It has a fuel tank capacity of 108 liters.

How to import MF-375 Tractor from Pakistan to Kenya?

Importing Massey Ferguson MF-375 tractors from Pakistan has become very easy with Agro Asia Tractors. You can have your MF-375 tractor in Kenya, by filling our inquiry form or by messaging us on WhatsApp and our sales representative will contact you and will guide you regarding our offer of most economical MF-375 tractor price in Kenya and Shipping schedule and will remain in contact until MF-375 tractor reaches your desired destination.



Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor in Kenya is a widely preferred model because it is a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and high performing tractor for all kinds of farms which emits less smoke due to its less fuel consumption. MF 260 Tractor Price in Kenya is very reasonable for its qualities and the best MF 260 Tractor reviews from our customers are a confirmation for our claims.

Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractors Technical Specification:

MF 260 Tractors Technical Specifications are, It’s a 60HP tractor with a turbocharged engine of Perkins, T 3.1524, it’s engine speed at 540 PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-260 Transmission is of great strength with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a dual-clutch with Robust Straddle Rear Axle to ensure smoother transmission with Oil immersed Multi-Disc Mechanical Brakes, Manual Steering and Spring Suspension Seat for comfort and enhanced driving control.

MF-260 Hydraulic System roles are Draft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Continuous Pumping with maximum oil flow of 16 liters/min at maximum pressure of 21mpa at normal temperature, and lifting capacity with lower links is 2170 kg. The durable surface connection and resistance come from its front tire 7.5-16(6PR), and rear tire, 14.9 / 13 – 28 (6PR).

How to Import MF-260 tractors from Pakistan to Kenya:

To import MF-260 tractors from Pakistan, contact Agro Asia Tractors by filling out the inquiry form or through WhatsApp, and our sales representative will contact you to talk over the inquiry of your MF-260 tractor, accessories and farm implements with a viable shipping schedule for your preferred destination at the best MF-260 tractor price in Kenya and will assist you until you receive your top-quality MF-260 tractor in Kenya.

A tractor is a big investment for any farmer who wants it agricultural dreams to be fulfilled. Getting a tractor have becoming easier but to maintain it, it’s a complete job in itself. To make sure,your tractor gives you all the benefit you want from it, you must become an expert in maintaining your tractor.

It’s essential to keep your tractor in top shape to make the most of a successful harvest. You have to invest a significant amount of your time for maintenance. Everyone have their own tips and trick to maintain their tractors and equipment so here are some tips that will help you maintain your tractor in a good condition.

  • Understand your machine:

After buying a tractor, you must know and understand your tractor to get the most out of it and it will be your key to maintain your tractor. To understand it, you must go through the owner’s manual in which all the specifications and features will be mentioned and that way you’ll know everything about your tractor and how to use and maintain it.

  • Having the set of Maintenance tools:

Once you have your tractor, you’ll need a set of particular tools because the tractors maintenance tools are different than the other vehicles. So, make sure you have the desired tool for your tractor.

  • Regular checks of fluids:

Before taking your tractor to work, you must check the fluid levels in your tractor to avoid any mishap due to a leakage in any part, some of the fluids must be checked like the engine oil, coolant, battery electrolyte, transmission fluid, the hydraulic oil and any other mentioned in the manual. Checking the fluids regularly can save you from a big loss.

  • Keep an eye on Brakes and Tires:

Before heading out, always check the pressure on tires as well as look for any damage, leakage or wearing out of tire because tires are responsible to keep your tractor moving and any issue could lead to an unnecessary problems like spinning on soil, wasted fuel and the tires will wear out fast. Brakes are mostly automatic in tractors so you must check that if they are properly working and lubricated because damaged brakes could cause a big problem.

  • Check your filters:

Tractors work in fields which means more dirt and dust, it can lead to blockage of the filters. These blockage or pollution in the filter can result in to a mechanisms failure, that’s why filter must be checked and cleaned often to avoid any problem.

  • Look for loose attachments:

You should always look around your tractor to see if all the attachments and bolts are in the proper shape and place. If you see any faulty pin or bolt, tight it or change so it could not cause any damage to the tractor in the future.

  • Protect your tractor

You should always keep your tractor lubricated in order for it to work efficiently. Always clean the moving parts and take the top quality oils to grease them. Protect your tractor from rain or any natural hazard by keeping them under the shed or covering them after the use. Always clean your tractor either at the end of the day or before going out, it will help in finding any issues beforehand and will help increasing the tractor life.

  • Start your tractor

After taking care of all the above tips, before taking your tractor to work, start your tractor and check if its working properly or look for any abnormalities in the engine sound or any other thing that is different than normal to be properly sure.

Anyone using a tractor can have their maintenance checklist according to their routine. But make sure to check your tractor in a week or so to avoid any permanent damage.

Since the development of the tractor started, different brands of tractors are introduced. Yet some tractors have become so successful that they have become the household name for tractors. Such a name is Massey Ferguson Tractors. From 1953 until now, people prefer Massey Ferguson tractors to others for a variety of reasons. Agro Asia tractors are proud to be Massey Ferguson’s most reliable tractor dealer from Pakistan to Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Our team at Agro Asia Tractors has drawn up a list of some of the reasons why you should purchase a brand new Massey Ferguson tractor from us.



Massey Ferguson tractors end product that reaches our customer always satisfies them.

Massey Ferguson tractor engines are one of its kind. They are built in a house with the highest standards, which is why they are powerful, economical, and fuel-efficient.


With such extensive experience in the manufacturing of tractors, they know what their customers want, and with highly trained engineers, mechanics and technicians, they are producing the highest quality tractors in the world.


When it comes to the reliability of Massey Ferguson tractors, the answer would be the testimonials of many loyal customers who have tried and tested these tractors. They are considered to be one of the most reliable agricultural tractors in the world because of their powerful engines, ease of operation, and ease of maintenance.


With the ever-changing world, Massey Ferguson tractors are keeping up with the world by bringing innovations in manufacturing their tractors and always thinking of what’s best for its customers. They are producing tractors that are fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, with hydrostatic steering, hydraulic transmissions, comfortable driver seat, and multiple brakes.


The quality of Massey Ferguson tractor has never been compromised in any circumstance. Massey Ferguson tractors are of the highest quality and standard, whichever the model or wherever they are built. They have maintained their standards in all their facilities and the quality of Massey Fer


Massey Ferguson tractors are known for their versatility because there is a tractor for every use. The models that Agro Asia Tractors deals in are ranging from 50 horsepower to 85 horsepower. Every tractor that manufactures here have top-quality and worthy of your money. These tractors are best from small farms to big farms and are most suitable for agriculture.


Massey Ferguson Tractors from Pakistan are known to be the most reasonably priced tractors offered with the best quality and features. Agro Asia Tractors are offering the most economical packages for our Massey Ferguson tractors with the best delivery arrangements to reach your desired destination.


Massey Ferguson Tractors are proven to be a valuable asset to anyone holding it. They are of the highest quality and affordable price with all the great features that you want, Massey Ferguson tractors will be great value for your money. Having built with the best components, they tend to last longer than other brand tractors.

 Farm Implements:

Agro Asia Tractors have their range of export quality farm implements that go so well with Massey Ferguson Tractors. Our wide range of implements including Ploughs, Harrows, planters, sprayers, loaders, trailers, and many more are all well compatible with our Massey Ferguson Tractors.

These are some of the reasons that why farmers choose to buy Massey Ferguson Tractors over and over from Agro Asia Tractors Pakistan. Hopefully these reasons are helpful for you in decision making.


Tractors are becoming an important part of the agricultural environment but, with a tractor comes a responsibility for your safety and safety of others. Tractors are large and complex vehicles and could result in accidents and injuries if not handled properly.

Agro Asia Tractors cares for your well-being, that’s why our team has created a list of safety measures every tractor owner, and the operator must take to ensure the safety of everyone involved.


Know your tractor:

Knowing your tractor is important, how it works and how it is maintained is a first step in taking precautions and ensuring a long journey of companionship.

Tractor Operator:

Always wear seatbelt and never put your tractor in the hands of an unskilled driver, be it you or someone else. The operator must know how to operate a tractor and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Only one driver:

a single seat in the driving seat means that there is no space for extra people, so don’t let anyone tag along with you on your tractor because it only increases the risk of accidents and fatal injuries.

Roll over preventing system:

ROPS is the system used in the tractors to protect tractors from the overturn or rollovers. It reduces the risk of rollover and overturn accidents.

Avoid slips and trips:

When driving a tractor, never rush in any circumstance. Follow the procedures, use handles to mount or dismount from the tractor and always check your tires, be aware of the road and avoid speeding to prevent accidents.

Maintenance check:

Tractors need to be maintained to work properly and safely. Develop a checklist on how and what will you need to check, it should include your brakes, clutch, PTO, tires pressure, lights, hydraulics, filters, and other safety equipment.

PTO safety:

Never use a PTO shaft without a protective shield because if left unprotected, it can catch either loose cloth, rope, or any other loose things which can result in disastrous outcomes. Proper hitching of implements with PTO is necessary.

Avoid roadway traffic:

If possible, try to always travel on times when traffic flow on the roads is low or if going on the road at peak times is must then drive slow, use indicators properly and be careful and act responsibly. Never have an implement attached while going on the public road


Speed gives you a thrill, but it increases your chances of mishaps. Tractors must always be driven at normal speed because you need to be safe, and that should be the only thing on your mind. No matter how exhausted you feel or how late you’re going to be, don’t take any risks when you’re drivi

ng a tractor.

Heavy items:

When working or dragging heavy objects with a tractor, always check that the joints are properly fixed, the drawbar is fitted well to avoid any flipping of the tractor.


Always take more precautionary measures in stormy weather such as drive slowly, check your tires and fuel, take the safest route for your destination, and be extra careful while driving.

Avoid Overloading:

Overloading any vehicle will lead to problems, but overloading a large vehicle such as a tractor increases the risk of rollovers and accidents. The overload tractor poses a danger to the driver and the traffic and the people it passes through.

Enclosed area:

Never run your tractor in a covered space no matter the circumstances.

Safety equipment:

keep a safety equipment box with you in all times like first aid box, emergency tools, and fire extinguishers.

We hope that you take all the mentioned safety measures when working with a tractor. Let us know if there are any more tips that you’d like to share with us.



The worst outbreak of locusts has been seen in East Africa. In Ethiopia, it has caused a food shortage for one million people. It has been the worst outbreak to be seen in decades.

Almost 200,000 hectares have said to be affected by the insects causing the loss of up to 356,000 tons of crops such as maize, sorghum, and wheat according to the UN food and agriculture organization.

The preventive measures against these locusts have been delayed and not fully applied due to coronavirus pandemic crisis. More locusts and pests are swarming after the March rains and are a threat to not only Ethiopia but many parts of Africa and Saudi Arabia mentioned by UN agency.

East Africa attacked by the swarms of Locusts in the mid of Coronavirus Pandemic:

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, protective measures against locust swarms threatening crops in Eastern Africa are being delayed due to flight restrictions triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The supply of pesticides has been delayed and, the ones that countries have will soon run out, which will cause 4 million people to face the shortage of food to feed their families, said the FAO head of resilience for East Africa Cyril Ferrand.


Encouraged by the strange weather, Great numbers of locusts were found swarming and started their journey from Yemen last year and hit East Africa and the hard-hit countries were Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia which caused 20 million people to suffer from food struggles and it has now given birth to a second wave as the farmers have started planting their crops.

Ferrand said that these are ravenous and attacking insects and if the pesticide supply is still short and, if these swarms are not contained, East Africa will face significant crop damage.

FAO authorities are attempting to get hold of pesticides from local sources as the flight operations are closed and, the pesticides can’t be delivered to the affected lands.  Coronavirus has caused the governments to close down the borders as well as factories that made pesticides, which has disturbed the global supply chain and a great problem for Locusts affected countries.


Ethiopians are all set to make a world record in fight against climate change

Ethiopian have started a campaign of planting 4 billion trees in Ethiopia to combat the drought and deforestation. Out of 4 billion trees, 353 million trees were planted in Ethiopia in just 12 hours, and the world record was set according to the Getahun Mekuria, Minister of Innovation and technology of Ethiopia.

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Mr. Abiy Ahmed plans to overcome the situation in which 3.8 million people needed assistance caused by droughts and scanty rains in previous years as only 14% of the total land of Ethiopia is covered from the forest.