Poultry farming is a part of the agricultural sector and it is a process of raising a variety of birds for domestic or commercial use. Poultry farming involves raising birds such as chicken, turkey, emu, ducks, geese, etc. for their eggs and meat. Read more

Orchards consists of trees and shrubs that are planted and maintained for food production. Fruit and nut-producing trees are planted and grown in orchards for commercial purposes. Many orchardists plant only a single type of fruits or nuts, but more than one can be planted, but Read more

Bitter leaf is a herb plant whose botanical name is Vernonia Amugdalina. Bitter leaf is a native tropical African produce, which is commonly used and available for consumption and health management across Africa. Bitter leaf is considered to have many useful nutrients and, a medicinal Read more

Tractors work hard all year, and we use them to work in the dirtiest and full of debris paths and fields. Tractors are used to work with the tilling, harvesting, manure, dirt, and many other tasks. Over time, tractors gather a lot of grime, dust, and smudges, which ultimately can affect its Read more

What is Bitter Kola Nut ?

Garcinia Kola, also known as bitter kola nut, is a native western Africa produce that grows on the Kola trees. A star-shaped fruit is produced on the Kola tree, which has 2 and 5 bitter kola nuts. These nuts are packed with caffeine, antioxidants, and are a great source of the mineral, vitamins, fiber, calcium, potassium, and iron. Read more