The significance and requirement of Agriculture are not hidden from anyone, and even in these tough times, farmers working in the field are considered essential. Some farmers live in small and crowded homes, and the concern has been raised that if COVID-19 catches only one farmer, Read more

As we are all witnessing, COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) continues to spread throughout the world in which we live and operate and which affects thousands of people. We all need to play our part in stopping the spread of the Pandemic COVID-19. Read more

Coronavirus Pandemic is not only dangerous to humans but also damaging to world economies. The African economy is facing its consequences as well, African countries rely on their agricultural exports to have a viable economy, but Coronavirus Pandemic threatens nations, forced countries to closed their borders as well as businesses and markets within countries which in turn affects Africa’s agriculture business. 31 countries in Africa have implemented full border closures, whereas most of the other countries have only allowed access to basic goods. Read more

Buying a tractor for your farm is not as easy as it sounds. It is an intimidating task to find the right tractor for your farm because you want to buy a tractor that fulfills all your needs but, with a specific budget, that’s why we have come up with a list of things that will help you make the right decision. Read more

Agriculture is an essential part of our lives. With everything moving towards mechanization, the agricultural world has to take upon the innovative products that are being offered like tractors and farm implements in order to achieve efficient results. Read more

Gone are the days when there were no farm machineries and, everything used to be done by man themselves or their animals. Farming was considered a very difficult and demanding task before the introduction of the tractors. Tractors have eased down the tasks of many farmers and have helped them Read more

The media and entertainment industry has become the most reliable source of awareness on important issues. To shift the perception of young people on agriculture and to inspire them to spend more time and money in agriculture, the Nigerian entertainment industry has come up with a first-ever tv show titled Read more

Tractors are becoming an important part of the agricultural environment but, with a tractor come a responsibility for your safety and safety of others. Tractors are large and complex vehicles and could result in accidents and injuries if not handled properly. Read more